Saturday, September 30, 2006

vapid in vegas

what are they looking at?? the color of vegas no doubt! an electronic sky! projecting jets, flags and our heroic pride. ohh the stagnation, the digital stare into the flashing, flickering mayhem of slot machines...the 7am hunch over a slot machine propped up with a rail Tom Collins...jesus...

I've wasted a week in the scented and conditioned air of vegas, standing, selling, standing, then selling some more...nothing better to cure the ennui than a precious duo called elephant parade.

I'm also reading an excellent book titled "The Omnivore's Dilemma", the story of corn and other food sources. An excellent read, sent me straight off to the farmer's market to partake in food that was grown within 50-60 miles, a practice I try to do as much as possible, no need to eat an apple or garlic that has been shipped from hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Eating honey crisp apples that bathed my tongue in unbelievable sweetness, finding green beans, cider, bread, eggs, bacon, grains, eggplant, all from Minnesota; this is the way to live.


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