Thursday, September 22, 2005

a time with no words

so i took a bit of time off from the blog. a time in my life with no words for the cipher. got overwhelmed with Iraq. then got decroded by Katrina. now i'm sweating Rita. H5N1 is the new catch phrase. and fuck they might blow up a dirty in NYC! Everything converges and everyday is more panic and fear. bullshit. I was speaking with Scoop Jackson down in Austin, TX where the panic and terror has begun to set in. We spoke about how the media with Katrina, had no talking points, no directions from NEMA, etc. they needed to find their own story and this "good" journalism was a return to form of hard news reporting that mainstream media has been lacking. a story that made appointed lackeys squirm with guilt. it was a good thing, for a few moments before the dynamo churned again and the mainstream media back to it's talking points and leadership is back to playing hot-potato.

the discussion then turned to the immediate aftermath coverage that we've witnessed in the last 2-weeks. we spoke in ideals and dreams about a mainstream media that continues to discuss the specifics of what went wrong in New Orleans, Iraq, Afghanistan, the stolen 2004 election in Ohio and the fleecing of poor Americans. Instead what we've seen, is a foreboding anxiety across the media landscape. instead of a pursuit of the truth, we've seen a spectacle of what sells; fear. instead of investigating the people who've fucked up, and need to be removed instead of just apologizing and moving on to fuck up again. my sentiments lately: please government, do your job, quit trying to placate me with your bold face lies.

anyway Minneapolis, is turning to fall. tornados last night in brooklyn hoo, some suburban homes were my garden is producing more than can be eating, the single-track trails of wirth park are in their prime.

music is good. one band playing many shows, the other: practice, practice, practice... shows this weekend. at Offbeat Friday...(one of their last shows!! :(
and for MNArtists/Walker Art a CD release party at Grumpys.

took a mental holiday today. tired of the grind.


At 1:34 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Hey Erik - welcome back. Just randomly clicked on your blog, after MONTHS of no activity, and SHAZAM! There you are!

Hey, have you heard the new Big Star? I understand they've been touring for a while, but nobody told ME! I just found out they're releasing a new album tomorrow. I'm deeply excited :)



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